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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All Fuched Up! (and no place to go!)

I’m a little weary today; got home at 12:30 am, and the alarm went off for work at 4:30. Beilly’s was not bad last night, although not too many familiar comic faces; a fairly good crowd for a Holiday Monday. Found the Master explaining to one somewhat intoxicated comic that he could not perform that evening; it seems the individual in question had been at Ally Katz two weeks previous, and went on stage so drunk that he could not articulate simple words, and that, folks, makes for a really challenging Stand-up act. He was banned from Ally Katz until such time as he has demonstrated his good behaviour; last night was not considered a positive element in that demonstration!

One fellow there I’d not seen before, and he did a so-so set which seemed to evolve around, “Poop and Period”, jokes. Not my tastes to be sure, but, the audience seemed to like it. I stayed till 11:00 pm, and watched the first half of Tommy Savitt’s set; once again he was professional and polished, not to mention hilarious. To no one’s surprise, and to this fool’s dismay, Mr Savitt has advanced to the comedy finals on Oct. 25th. It’s starting to look like an interesting contest.

There were as many people at Beilly’s last night as there had been at Ally Katz on Sunday, but the room at Beilly’s is cavernous in comparison to the other, and crowds disappear into the darkness. They had green spot lights set up for some reason, and every comedian that climbed on stage immediately took on a sickly, Martian pallor.

A good night, with more of the usual hi-jinks, but I can’t tell of it all now as I’m tired and must get myself rested and prepared for my ‘Humour’ contest tomorrow evening. I’ll let you know how that goes; at least at Toastmasters there should be no drunks on stage, and I’d be willing to bet there are no Angels in the crowd either. P.S. Last night makes appearance number 45.

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